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Bruce Amman

Bruce Amman

Managing Director

Bruce Amman has over twenty-five years of investment experience in the financial services industry focusing on managing funds for public entities, individuals and institutions.  He is a strong proponent of active management and is convinced it’s the way to go with clients. He uses highly customized asset management and risk management strategies for public entities related entities and high net worth clients. Bruce’s goal is to develop and provide unbiased strategies for protecting client money.   His goal is to attract, service and retain public entity and high net worth clients, be a “go-to” financial quarterback who skillfully coordinates and advances the multi-dimensional aspects of managing investments with a defined process.   

Bruce resides in Littleton with his three children.  Together, they enjoy watching sports and participating in many activities.  Activities include coaching baseball, skiing, swimming and biking.  Mr. Amman is a fifth generation Colorado native.  He has donated time to many non-profit organizations over the past several decades.  

He firmly believes that the opportunity to advise high net worth individuals and “public entities” with the management of their funds comes with great responsibility.   His practice model is a process that focuses on doing the right things, for the right people, at the right time, and the right reasons.   And together, chart an actionable course for continued success.